How to earn free boba for life

We all deserve boba (“bubble tea”). 

This incredible drink invention is one of Taiwans greatest gifts to the world.

Boba costs about $5 at your neighborhood shop.

Treat yourself to one boba a week for $5 per week or $260 per year.

So how do you earn free boba for life?

You can earn money from two big sources

  1. working and receiving a paycheck or
  2. investing your money and earning a “return on capital”.

So, what investments can you find that earn $5 per week?

The US Treasury “borrows” money from the population by selling bonds that pay interest. You can buy these bonds any day at “”

The current Series I Savings Bond are inflation protection instruments that pay 7.12%.

$3650 invested in bonds will earn 7.12% or $260/year for the next 30 years. 

So $3650 invested is enough to earn a free boba every week for life!

Celebrate! 🎉 You are returning boba on capital! 🎉

Hard Mode options:

  • $25,632 at 7.12% will earn you boba everyday (instead of every week).
  • Apps like the Cash App will give you 10% in bitcoin for every $1 spent at “coffee shops”. Guess what? Boba shops count as coffee shops on the Cash App. So you only need $3290 for the free weekly boba.

PS Disclaimer: The current is not the future. Many of these factors could change. 

  • In 10 years boba could cost $10!
  • The Series I Bonds in 5 years could return 10% instead of 7.12% so you earning less than the market rate of inflation protection
  • Maybe the world runs out of cassava plants to make boba :0 

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