Top 10 bash_profile aliases

You are operating with limited time and limited brain power to finish your programs with enough time to go outside and breath fresh air

Knowing this, its way too tedious to type out commands like git diff --cached which can be shortcut to gdc with an alias. An alias will allow you to create shortcuts with your own command names that map to another command and options.

These are my WIP favorite aliases. Put these lines into your bash_profile and skip the riff-raff.

Number 1 – git status

alias gs="git status"

This alias is so key to my workflow that it wins the number 1 spot in this list.

It was a tough competition with so many other git focuses alias’s but nothing beats the frequency of gs

Heres a sample of my other favorite git alias’s

Number 2 – open bash_profile; reload bash_profile

alias bp="vim ~/.bash_profile"
alias bpr="source ~/.bash_profile"

When you add an alias to your ~/.bash_profile it will not work immediately in your shell because your shell only runs that config script on startup. In order, the re-config your bash, you will need to source that file. But nobody has time for that. bp into your bash profile, make changes, bpr and enjoy your new configs

 TODO: the other 8 alias’s

Pro alias tips:

See all your aliases with this command $ alias