What are the Mac symbols?

Mac Symbols

If you are loyal to your 2013 Macbook Air, here’s the new mac keyboard buttons.

What is the mac symbol for Control?

Control (or Ctrl) ⌃

The Control key was originally responsible for entering control characters (or non-printing characters) in terminal applications. The first mac did not have a control key but it was later added to allow this.

The shortcut in your brain could be to think about how hierarchies usually work, with the control at the top. This symbol is pointing up to the Control. 

What is the mac symbol for Option/Alt?

Option (or Alt) ⌥

The shortcut in your brain can be that the symbol looks like two different paths from the same origin. Two alternative, or two optional paths.

What is the mac symbol for Command?

Command (or Cmd) ⌘

According to wikipedia, Steven Jobs saw too many apple logos on the display of the GUI and decided they needed another symbol as the modifier key. Bitmap artist Susan Kare proposed this symbol for the Nordic countries as an indicator of cultural locations and places of interests.

This one conveniently has

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