Set up your dotfiles, config files

Sometimes your computer explodes. Sometimes your roommate spills water on it.

If you keep your config files uploaded to github/gitlab, you can avoid recreating your dotfiles (.vimrc, .bash_profile, .sh, .zshrc) and reconfiguring every laptop and virtual machine you encounter.

* this is assuming you have already version controlled your configs (examples: bash, vim)

Step 1: Upload your config to Github

Step 2: Encounter a new computer

Step 3: Download your configs immediately and set up your symlinks

set up .vimrc

cd && git clone

ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc ./vimrc

Enjoy your fd mapped to <Esc>

set up .bash_profile

cd && git clone

ln -s ~/.bash/bash_profile ./bash_profile

Enjoy using l to see all files, gs for git status, bp for bash_profile and bpr for reloading bash_profile

TODO: create a startup script to download these and symlink it appropriately. How though?

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