vim jj to esc mapping

For a single vim session (safe version)

:inoremap jj <Esc>

For every vim session (still safe)

Save this to your .vimrc file in your home directory.

" this is a comment so you remember this later
" insert mode; no recursive; map; <from>; <to>
inoremap jj <Esc> 

* change jj to anything you want, fd , jk even ;;

What is happening?

i means we are creating a mapping for the insert mode

nore means we designate “no recursive” mode (see below for more)

map means we are mapping 🗺

jj is the commands we are mapping from

<Esc> is the command we are mapping to

No change needed: Ctrl + [

If you already have Caps Lock mapped to Ctrl, then a solid alternative is: Ctrl + [.

Why use the safe version?

When you create mappings in vim, there is a recursive lookup to all other mappings.

We use inoremap instead of imap above because the nore (not recursive) portion, will avoid recursive mapping. An example of recursive mapping is this :nmap dd jddk where the dd in the right hand definition will actually map to the left hand into an infinite loop. Read more here.


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